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Want Trouble ? The Joker - Batman DC cosplay by Carancerth

I'm a costumer, not a photographer or artist but I like design, so here are my thoughts, fwiw... ;D

The photograph is what raises the quality of this cosplay above just good costuming. The almost overexposed lighting of the white of the face, and the metallic glitter of the eyes draw attention immediately. Also, the direction of the sloped shoulders and the striping of the suit help to subtly draw more attention to where you want it.

The small detail of the forward falling hair keeps the white face from being stark. I really like that the fallen hair adds to the derangement in the character's expression. For those who know the character, this is almost a signature, and it adds authenticity, motion, and life to the portrait.

The bits of blue in the shirt help keep the composition from too much unrelieved purple, and the red in the lower corner adds weight to the foundation and balances the red of the mouth. But even though the red is necessary, you might consider shaving off a slight bit of the left edge of the photo to take the point of the shoulder out of the frame. I don't know how to justify this except to say that I think it would make the overall shot a better "portrait" by helping to take the 2nd person out of it -- ie: it could help with disguising the background objects more. Or perhaps if the background was diffused to keep the red in the corner but not be so easily recognized as another person, it would highlight the Joker's essential isolation and menace and not distract the viewer by wondering who that is behind him.

The only major change I think would help make the composition better (and it may just be personal preference) is to readjust the placement of the knife. I find it slightly distracting because its purpose in that position is unclear. I spent too much time wondering why it was there. Maybe if it were touching the mouth, as though he was introspecting?? I wouldn't want it lost from the composition entirely (and the glove adds to the character's menace, as well as adds textural interest) but the knife moved so that it either lay against the mouth or pointed up vertically would be possibly more to my taste. The positioning of the knife is a great way to tell about the character so the placement is an important decision. I just don't know what it's saying in the current location.

Overall, I love the drama and dark tension. Its hard to ignore this image so that means a whole lot is working. You did a great job of recreating the character in a believable way. He's dynamic and mesmerizing. Many kudos to you! :D
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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Carancerth Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
Well that is a great critic and feedback!
I Agree with it, for most of the argument, and I have to ad that sometime... photographer do much more work than cosplayers ...
(how many standar things seems so awesome and can blow your mind on a picture with a lot of work from the photographer?)
Well we can see the character in the background, as a element of menace too "he is not alone" he is perhaps the main menace but this can distract you, as the knife.
I like this (and here it's my fighter background wich can speack)
Be cause most of the people are afraid of a knife, but a knife is nothing, a man is a real deal...
A knife into proper hands can be such a big threat, and in other hands, can "make laught" people used to fight.
So this picture reproduce this effect, in fighting steet you have two use for the knife : intimidation : make the focus on the knife, or the sneaky one : stabing directly without any words before.
The Joker can do both, he is unstable...
But here I like the fact that he catch the attention, and the knife disturb this attention, this effect reproduce for me what hapen in most of the people in front of someone olding a knife.

So thanks so much for this critic, I like to read that, and to give answers to smart stuff like this critic ;)
magic-needle Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great observation... "But here I like the fact that he catch the attention, and the knife disturb this attention, this effect reproduce for me what hapen in most of the people in front of someone olding a knife."

I like the idea that there is such an unsettling aspect to a portrait of the "unstable" Joker. You've made me think again. :D
Carancerth Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
A pleasure to have a word with you ;)
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